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Cafasso’s Fairway Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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When the temp goes below 38 degrees this oil may look cloudy because you know it’s the real thing. It goes right back to being a golden green and super flavorful when it returns to room temperature. just a drizzle of this fruity oil goes a long way in creating the magic good olive oil is famous for. 33.8 oz.

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Cafasso’s Gift Card


A delicious gift for friend, family and co workers. We can mail it to you or the recipient. The Card is redeemable toward any purchase made at the store. No expiration. $1.00 Postage & handling Charge.

Cafassos Holiday Fruit Basket
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Cafasso’s Holiday Fruit Basket

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Wish Someone A Happy And Sweet New Year This Rosh Hashanah. Securely Nestled In A Basket, This Gift Includes: 10 Lbs (Approximately 14 Pieces) Of The Finest Fresh Fruit. Depending On The Season, Fruit Could Be- Apples, Pears, Mango, Oranges, Pomegranate, Star Fruit, Kiwi, Fresh Dates, Dried Dates, Prunes, Gooseberry, Figs or Grapes Kosher Honey Serves: 5-8 People As The…