At Fairway we let the experts present their artisan breads. Famous New York and New Jersey bakeries like Sullivan Street, Sette Panni, Eli’s, Tribecca, Hudson, Central, Ecce Panis, and Little Old Angelo. Our selections numbering over sixty different types are delivered fresh daily. Whether you like Russian, Italian, French, San Francisco, Organic, Wheat, or Seven Grain, we have the best each baker is famous for. Our pies are baked at Fairway and simply said outstanding. Our Tira Mi Su is to die for, oh and our cookies, what a selection from bakery style Italian to fresh baked chocolate chip all super tempting and super delicious. Cheese cakes, cream pies, bread pudding, and much more daily.


From ordinary to magnificent, at Fairway we have over 200 different varieties from all over the world freshly available to you. If you enjoy cheese, Fairway to the place to get your regular cheese as well as that try something different treat. Fresh Mozzarella, a cheese in a world by itself. We specialize in this art which creates this so very special, subtle-tender treasure. All day long fresh mozzarella is carefully cooked and kneaded into both round balls and braids. Our recently added olive bar offers you 8 different scoop and go olives as well as 10 more different packaged favorites, green, black, flavored, big, and small you will find them all. The best of all, like all Fairway specialty departments, our prices are phenomenal.


35 different varieties and blends, from the ultimate Jamaican Blue Mountain to the fabulous bold tasting Fairway blend they all are aromatically rich. Shipped to Fairway three times a week the coffee is super fresh and at valued price. We even offer organic coffee as well as no acid coffee for those with preferences. Oh and while coffee is being custom grounded for our customers we ask that you enjoy the aroma, just like the rest of the customers around you.


Our small neighborhood grocery store of 1927 is just not the same these days. Fairway is a Mecca of fine foods but you can still see our roots. The everyday necessities like: sugar, milk, soap, cereal, and juice still appear on our shelves but not alone. Alongside these everyday you will find our selection of specialties from around the world. We carry seven different brands of pasta from regular to handmade, organic to ethnic, and our own brand of pasta throughout our store aisle. Our Fairway Italian Puglia region extra virgin olive oil is an item we are really proud of. Top of the line fruity full body oil at an everyday price. Our Fairway Gelato is made the same way they make it in Italia.


The old corner butcher shops are gone but the old fashion butchers are still working at Fairway. The Cafasso’s are all butchers, the manager of the Meat Department is also a third generation butcher just as we are to Fairway. Add up all the experience and you can expect superior excellence, and that’s exactly what our Meat Department is about. You can shop at our self-service Meat case selecting anything from organic chicken to marinated pork roast all packaged fresh at Fairway. You can also stop by our butcher counter where our butchers custom cut, suggest and assist you with any cooking questions. Fairway’s Meat Department is your ultimate source for prime meat, organic chickens, roasts, and chops. Most importantly we are committed to insuring the safety of all the products we sell.


Aromatic fruit and crisp vegetables, it’s your first fabulous experience as you enter our store. Our knowledgable and personable staff is always there to greet you and take care of all your needs. At Fairway produce is a passion. Our buyer (a third generation protege to his grandfather and father who were also buyers for Fairway) selects the very best from sources around the world and nearby local farms. Whether it be regular or organic it’s all triple checked for appearance, freshness, size, and most importantly flavor.


An opulent feast for anyone who enjoys the very best. It is here that in this section of our store you will find the words such as heavenly, succulent, romantic, juicy, tender, lusty and much more all describing our home cooked prepared foods. Each and every piece of food is cooked fresh everyday using old family recipes. Our selections change daily with some being pre-planned and others based on market inspiration. Meaning that the chef selects his dishes by actually shopping the store’s meat, fish, and produce departments. Everything is presented first class on large platters for you to pick from. You will find it all, soups, vegetables, pasta, poultry dishes, meat dishes, and appetizers here at the Rosteceria.


Salumeria translates into a past generation’s Italian Deli. At Fairway we still have all the traditional Italian meats but we offer a whole lot more. Such as custom sandwiches, fresh mozzarella, stuffed breads, smoked salmon, caviar, 6 different varieties of Prosciutti, Italian and American cold cuts, and dry sausages. Our staff specializes in service, your wish is our command.


There’s no “Puzza Pesce” here.
Just super fresh fish is what you will smell at Fairway. With arrivals of fresh fish daily from both near and far, you will only see the best seafood with the highest quality. Fairway’s fish department has an unconditional guarantee on every purchase so we can assure on your satisfaction. Our buyer is an expert, selecting only the best from our everyday favorites to seasonal catches. At Fairway we like to diversify ourselves by bringing in different fish daily. We have fish so fresh that they were swimming yesterday.


Unique about Fairway is that we offer you together with our specialty food a wonderful selection of wine and liquor from all around the world. We squeeze in an awful lot of great wines into a compact space. From simple to complex, young to aged and reasonable prices to top of the line, it’s all right here in our wine section. You’re sure to find the perfect choice to accompany any occasion.