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Cafasso's Product Beecher's Flagship Handmade Cheese Img01
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Beecher’s Cheese


Beecher’s Flagship Handmade Cheese is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor. It is carefully aged for 18 months under the watchful eye of the cheesemaker to fully develop its complex flavor and ever-so-slight crumble. Outstanding on crackers, on an apple, or used to make great mac and cheese! Keep cheese refrigerated and tightly wrapped up…

Cafasso's Product Bodrato Cherry Shot Dark Chocolate
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Bodrato Cioccolato


Bodrato’s signature chocolate, the Boero Cherry Shot. Bodrato’s use entire cherries dipped for several months in the Dolcetto d’Ovada Grappa, termed ‘drunken cherries’. They are then dipped in Bodrato’s signature chocolate to create an alcoholic, liquid, cherry, chocolate experience like no other. This isn’t your ordinary cherry cordial. Sweet and crunchy it preserves perfectly in alcohol, without flaking and maintaining…

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Bogle Chardonnay


Our Bogle Chardonnay is the epitome of a hand-crafted wine: with passion for both the art and science of making wine, our winemakers have created a Chardonnay using 50% barrel fermentation aged for 9 months in new American oak barrels. This wine is certified sustainable by the California Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing and proudly bears the symbol on the label.

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Bogle Merlot


Gorgeous in the glass, our Bogle Merlot is a perfect, everyday wine. Aged for 12 months in American oak barrels, this wine is delicious for just about any occasion and food pairing.

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Cafasso’s Olive Oil


Cafasso’s Fairway Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil: When the temp goes below 38 degrees, this oil may look cloudy because it’s the real thing. When it returns to room temperature, the oil is back to being a golden green and super flavorful. Just a drizzle of this fruity oil goes a long way in creating the magic good olive oil…

Cafasso's Product Camembert Le Chatelain Img01
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Camembert Le Châtelain


A succulent, ripe, rich, and creamy cheese. Only gently pasteurized at moderate temperatures, Camembert Le Châtelain retains most of the authentic flavors and qualities of the raw-milk cheese you can buy only in France.

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Candied Orange Peel


Candied Orange Peel is the perfect sweet treat with a burst of orange flavor. Orange peels are boiled in a simple syrup until slightly translucent and laid out to dry. Once they’ve dried, they’re typically coated in sugar, paleo or low-carb sugar. 0.5 lbs.

Cafasso's Product Castellino Mix Italia Olives Img01
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Castellino Mixed Olives


Castellino Mix Italia Olives: A fine selection of green and Leccino olives marinated with rosemary and enriched with red and yellow pepper. The rosemary together with other spices give a fresh and sophisticated tasty flavor, ideal for pasta salad or roasted meat. The perfect mix for your antipasto platter or anytime you need a quick selection of olives! These are…

Cafasso's Product Dalmatia Fig Spread Img01
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Dalmatia Fig Spread


This spread is crafted in Croatia using figs from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean regions. It is cooked with great care to protect the integrity of the fruit and to create a rich, full-bodied, fruity flavor-an unsurpassed tasting experience!

Cafasso's Product Dehesa Presliced Ibericos Img01
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Dehesa Presliced Ham


Dehesa Cordobesa Presliced Ibéricos This deep red, dry-cured Paleta meat is aged for a minimum of 18 months, creating an intensely nutty and robust flavor. The boneless Paleta is trimmed with ample fat remaining so it stays moist and flavorful. 2.5 oz.

Cafasso's Product Fra’ Mani Salametto Img01
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Fra’ Mani Salame


A classic dry salame, seasoned simply with sea salt, black pepper, red wine and garlic. Made in the traditional method using natural pork casing, which imparts a desirable aroma and is the perfect host to beneficial mold. Hand-tied and aged 30-35 days. Pork raised in the US with no antibiotics ever.

Cafasso's Product Godiva Chocolate Pretzels Img01
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Godiva Chocolate Pretzels


Godiva Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels Crispy pretzels smothered in GODIVA milk chocolate. A sweet and salty creation perfect as a special treat for your guests or for yourself. 2.5 oz.

Cafasso's Product Godiva Chocolate Img01
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Godiva Chocolate, 8 Pc.


Godiva Chocolate Gold Collection, 8 pc. Sometimes a taste is all it takes. Savor the sweetness of Godiva with this classic assortment of Belgian chocolates. Wrapped in a gold box and tied with a bow, this collection is sure to bring happiness to any occasion. Each gift box is filled an assortment of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and white chocolates…